Warm Caprese Sandwich

Warm Caprese Sandwich - Messin' with Perfection

Warm Caprese Sandwich – Messin’ with Perfection

If you’ve never had fresh mozzerella, you are SO missing out.  You need to try it.  It doesn’t have a strong cheese flavor, as it is, well, fresh.  Made with fresh milk, and not aged.  If not eaten in a fairly short number of days, it will sour, like milk.  I have made it from scratch before.  It’s fun to make if you have a little time on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and it is delicious.  It melts so stringy and chewy…MMmmmm.  Served cold, it makes caprese salad, you can add it to bruschetta, roll it up with some prosciutto and….ooohhh, with good olives…..sorry.  Anyway, you can get it at most large supermarkets that have a cheese area in the deli.

Every place I’ve worked there has been a pretty good deli within lunch distance.  The last one served a caprese sandwich that was sooo good.  A co-worker friend and I used to go there and get that sandwich and split it, and we would each get a cup or bowl of soup to go with it.  It pairs very well with a good tomato or minnestrone.

This particular sandwich I am showing you here does not melt the cheese, but warms it, just enough to take the cold edge off.  The add ons are pretty simple, and compliment the cheese, rather than overwhelm it.

Start with a good artisan roll, I typically use a ciabatta roll, as shown here.  Focaccia is delicious also, but you can obviously use whatever bread or roll suits you.  Make sure your pesto, if not homemade, is a good quality.  I prefer one that is lighter on the oil and garlic for this sandwich.

Warm Caprese Sandwich
Recipe type: Lunch or Light Supper
Simple yet delicious sandwich that is great for lunch or dinner.
  • Bread or Roll of your choice
  • 4 ounces good fresh mozzerella
  • Sliced ripe tomato
  • Red onion, sliced very thin
  • Pesto sauce or spread - one that is lighter on the oil and garlic is better, I think
  • Fresh basil leaves if desired.
  1. Spread one cut side of the roll or bread with pesto. Lay on some thin sliced red onion, then fresh mozzerella cheese, and sliced tomato.
  2. Top with the other half of the roll or slice of bread.
  3. Place in a skillet over medium low heat and cover loosely. Warm for just a minute or two to take the cold edge off the fillings. Serve with a bowl of soup, a small salad, a pickle, some chips, whatever sounds good.